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Muzeamp is a startup company founded in 2020 by a group of passionate musicians, graphic designers, and marketers. Our mission is to create a more accessible creative industry by offering personalized services to aspiring creators and helping them to find and use their unique voice.
We have a specialized team of songwriters, music producers, and engineers ready to help you create top notch music and content.
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We have an experienced team of marketing agents, social media experts, and graphic designers ready to help you create a stand-out artist brand.
We will work together, offering Musical Assistance and Marketing Mentorship tailored to your specific needs.
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Struggling to find inspiration,  develop a creative routine

or overcome songwriter's block? 

Then, this is for you..

FREE: Writer's Block Hacks

Unlock your creativity, write more songs and a build life-long discipline.

You struggle to write and finish songs daily...

Feel stuck and can't come up with new ideas...

Unlock your creative power ON DEMAND

Want to finish more songs and grow as an artist...


This is for you if:

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"Wow - this is amazing! So easy to read but so helpful! The way it's laid out makes it visually stimulating and it's super well organised. I like how you gave recommendations, such as headphones DAWs etc. I definitely think this would be an awesome resource. Well done to everyone who put it together!"


Anna-Sophia Henry

"This ebook gave me some ideas i wouldn’t have typically thought of. This could be of great value to anybody. As somebody that has been doing it for so long, you should always want to enhance how you write and every song should’nt be approached the same way. I think to up-and-coming songwriters this will be very beneficial and even to somebody that is really experienced."


Sergio Ochoa

Professional EDM singer/songwriter 
3.000.000+ Streams on DSP
Lead singer for Stryfeband

Electronic/ Pop Singer/Songwriter
600.000+ Spotify monthly listeners
Supported by BBC Radio & Sirius XM

"This book is great for learning the fundamentals of songwriting! It shares the basic elements used in most songwriting without limiting creative freedom. I especially love the prompts included because it pushes you out of your comfort zone and increases your versatility."


Bayla G

Music Producer/Singer/Songwriter
880,000+ Spotify streams
Supported on Spotify editorial playlists. 


Do you want to successfully self-release your music?

We have the perfect FREE checklist for you!

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Learn to successfully self-release your music, avoiding many of the copyright, distribution, and management errors that will encounter on your own. 



"Felium helped me organize my social media posts, structure my captions properly, and post more DJ mixes."

"I really enjoyed working with you guys, Kiera helped me get out of my comfort zone and start making music every day."

"They developed a marketing campaign for my release that included, pre-saves, email, and donation collections."

"The Muzeamp team is a well oiled machine of professionals. They show incredible passion and drive. 

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Meet The Team


Kiera Dillon

Audio Engineer, Musician

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Audiovisual Artist, Producer, DJ, and Entrepreneur

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Margaret Laufenberg

Art Director and Visual Designer

Vlad Herescu

Copywriter & Digital Marketer


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If you have questions about our services, business inquiries, or anything else, please email us at

Send us a DM via social media and we'd be happy to talk or offer guidance.

Stay in touch with out team using the chat function in the bottom right corner of the the website page

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