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Work with us in every step of the music creation process and create your professional brand.

How It Works

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1. Select Your Service

Select a pack or get in touch with us and we will help you choose the best fit.

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2. We Assign a Mentor

Once you've decided on a pack, we'll match you with a mentor that's best suited for your project.

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3. We Begin Working

Through 1-on-1 meetings, our mentor will get to know your goals and develop a personalized plan for you.

Select Your Service.

Select Your Services


Project Based

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Have a specific project you need help with? Our team will help you polish your music to achieve a professional sound and build a marketing campaign behind it.


Brand Based

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Our team will work with you to develop your sound and help you to market yourself professionally and effectively as a unique artist.

Project Based

Project Based Packs

No product

Get feedback and support from our music mentors to help enhance and polish an existing project, and learn how to release, distribute, and promote your project from our team of marketing professionals. 


One week of mentorship

with two 45 min calls.

Expand on your musical ideas to create a professional project with direct mentorship and guidance from our music team, and get distribution/promotion mentorship, a custom social media campaign strategy, content guidelines, and cover art proposals from our marketing team. 


Three weeks of mentorship

with four 45 minute calls.

Optional Mastering Services.

No product

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Brand Based Packs

Discover your unique story as an artist and how it can translate into your branding, logo, content, communication, etc with the help of our marketing team and graphic designers. Work with our music mentors to identify and analyze what makes you sound unique as a musician.



One week of mentorship

with two 45 min call.

No product

Develop, and polish your unique sound as an artist, build a toolkit for consistency in your musical branding, and perfect your unique workflow with the help of our music team. Learn to use your story as an artist to develop consistency and efficiency in content creation, fanbase growth, logo creation, and branding with the help of our marketing team and graphic designers, including a personalized posting schedule, logo design, and content mock ups.



Three weeks of mentorship

with four 45 min calls. 

No product

Custom build the ultimate music and branding mentorship service and perfect your identity as an artist by working with our music and marketing team and choosing areas of focus such as cohesive sound for an album/project, developing unique sounds as part of your brand, developing a strategy for unique live performances, etc. Our marketing team and graphic designers will provide social media content, a personalized posting schedule, logo design, brand strategy, a run-through of advertising and promotion, and more to help you find the best ways to incorporate your story into your content.



Five weeks of mentorship with up to ten 45 minute calls.

No product


Can't decide which pack fits you best?

Book a FREE CALL with one of our team members and we will guide you through our services and tailor them to your needs.

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